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Rooms in Ecuador, in family's house, safety, clean and cheaper

Rooms in Ecuador in family's house, safety, clean and cheaper

We are an upper middle class family who offer a private room, meals daily and laundry and the opportunity to share in the Ecuadorian life style.
Why visit Ecuador and Quito?
You must visit the center of the earth. Ecuador is the country that you want:
We have volcanoes in activity.
Ecuador is cross by Los Andes and have beautiful snow capped mountain like Cotopaxi (1 hour from Quito, Chimborazo (6310m, 3 hours from Quito) or eruption volcano like Tungurahua (5016m).
But, if you are looking for jungle, Ecuador is the better place to know it. Ecuador has an incredible variety of plant, biodiversity of animal that live in the forest.
If you like the beach, we have an incredible places only a 5-hour from the capital, and the wonderful and amazing Galapagos Islands.
I'm journalist and I can help your to made a beautiful stay in a South American country. I can offer your room to stay per month or weeks in an Ecuadorian costume. The houses are located in the middle of Quito, Ecuador capital, near the tourist places, airport, and diversion zones.
We have rooms to one or tree tourist and our prices included breakfast and dinner, if you like. Please, write us to send our prices and advice.
Also, we can offer you elemental tour in family cars, cheaper and more comfortable than tourist service, also free information about your trip to many places in the country.
Please, write us with out compromise.
We can help you to know better South America safety with out risk, and cheaper. I can teach you some words and Spanish and have contact with Spanish School in Quito.
Pedro Lopez P.

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There are the Ilinizas, only a hour from Quito

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